The correct composition of your animal feed guarantees compliance with nutritional requirements and promotes good health and efficiency in livestock farming. High quality standards, even in the case of large production quantities, can only be ensured with the highest standards of automation. The requirements for hygiene, precision and quality are extremely demanding and leave no room for errors.

ESA ensures that all the processes for animal feed production can be controlled efficiently in conjunction with the logistics processes, run reliably and remain traceable, from raw material acceptance through to delivery.

  • Management of automated storage systems 
  • Contamination matrix
  • Material replenishment based on replenishment strategy
  • Depiction of the entire production process
  • Fully automated, simultaneous metering of multiple orders
  • Necessary process parameters are transferred to the control unit in the corresponding process recipe

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Acceptance of your delivered raw materials takes place reliably and efficiently. Whether it be loose or bagged goods, with or without sampling - no matter how complex the delivery of your goods may be - ESAtrade meets your requirements.

Traceability thanks to unique transaction numbers, data exchange with the ERP system for purchase orders/deliveries and stocks, weight checking, connection to weighbridges, sampling with data acquisition, label printing for reference samples, fully automatic batch code generation, delivery documents, hazardous goods certificates - An excerpt from the list of inbound delivery tasks - We take care of everything!

  • ully automatic batch code generation
  • Transaction-guided or manual first/second weighing
  • Article inspection before the acceptance process
  • Truck image storage from WebCAM during weighing

Flexible silo provisioning and efficient stock transfer options are a basic prerequisite for the smooth transfer of goods to the production processes. The ESAtrans - stock transfer module is a professional system for placing goods in storage and transferring them. First-in/first-out principle, activation of production preparation processes, such as cleaning, automated stock transfer processes triggered by time or event (e.g. by temperature), minimum stock warnings, requirement messages from production. Quality and process-oriented procedures - tailored precisely to your needs.

  • First-in/first-out principle
  • Point of origin and destination checking
  • Carrying of the batch code
  • Quality assurance

ESAweight runtime provides for fully automatic dosing of solid and liquid substances in conjunction with the PLC. The required amounts of raw materials or semi-finished products to be delivered are calculated from the recipes and orders, then dosed. Lines can be configured flexibly and changed over conveniently. The central system visualisation allows the front end to be started and hence current lines to be monitored and controlled.

  • Automatic overrun optimisation
  • Self-optimising metering curve function
  • Fully automatic metering with visualisation
  • Contamination and material availability check

Efficient and precise dosing by hand with ESAcom. The components are taken either from bags/containers or from automatically delivered crates and weighed manually. Bar code-assisted product identification and "pick to light" systems provide traceable reliability.

  • Article identification using bar code scanner EAN 128
  • Automatic batch code transfer on article scanning
  • Container management with label printing
  • Order-related or chaotic pre-production

ESAmix controls the mixing process according to the production recipe, takes care of fluid additives and requests the addition of components. Mixer data, such as speed or processing temperature, is displayed using trends and recorded for traceability.

  • Mixer weight checking
  • Batch-specific trend recording of temperatures, mixing times and speeds
  • Connection of metal separators and detectors
  • Traceability as per EU regulation no. 178/2002

Expertise is also called for in pellet production. With ESApress, pellet presses are controlled flexibly and the settings made for e.g. expanders, hygienisation, liquid or steam supply. All data is visualised online and logged on a lot and batch-specific basis for traceability.

  • Recipe-controlled liquid addition
  • Order-related trend recording
  • Batch-specific traceability
  • Automatic press start-up

For filling and bagging, ESApack and ESAbigbag can meet all your needs. Specification and securing of packaging, labelling, bag-bottom inscription, declaration, weight checking - everything that you need for this purpose. The flexible design of interfaces provides a wide variety of options - from the mere displaying of bagging data through to full integration of downstream systems.

  • Automatic transfer of bagging orders
  • Complete integration of check weighers
  • Automatic or manual data transfer
  • Full traceability as per EU regulation no. 178/2002

The warehouse management module enables perfect control of your materials and merchandise management for loose and bagged goods. ESAlogistics supports the management of your goods from goods acceptance to stock transfer, processing, storage and picking through to loading. Particular attention is paid here to simple user guidance and manageability.

  • User-guided goods receipt and goods issue
  • User guidance via handheld or stacker terminals
  • Inventory management at batch level
  • Pallet management with incoming/outgoing ledger for suppliers, forwarding agents or hauliers

ESAtrade supports you in all the processes for delivering your finished products. In ESAtrade, customer orders are accepted, picking and loading are controlled by user guidance, and finally the dispatch notes are generated.

Traceability thanks to unique transaction numbers, data exchange with the ERP system for deliveries, weight checking, connection to weighbridges, delivery documents, hazardous goods certificates - An excerpt from the list of outbound delivery tasks - We take care of everything!

  • Logical weight checking for bagged goods
  • Weighing slip printing - multi-client capability (various logos)
  • Weighing scale drivers available for all conventional weighing terminals
  • Data archiving of all weight measurements with calibration memory number

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