ESAmobile 2.0 - Mobile dosing technology

Our mobile dosing station ESAmobile is a well-tried part of our product portfolio.

After a general overhaul, the second generation is now at the start and features the latest convincing technologies and the best usability.

This station contains all components to identify products by means of a scanner, to weigh manually down to each single gram and to save data for a complete tracebility.

By using energy-optimized components, an integrated functioning of at least
18 hrs without any recharching is guaranteed. This range can be
extended up to 36 hrs by using a second battery. Moreover all components are manufactured of stainless steel and according to the protection class IP65. This dosing station is equipped with an Industrial PC-System and is connected to the main station (ESAweight, ERP, ….) via WLAN.

  • Weighing station - weighing up to 60 kg in steps of 5 g
  • Stainless steel
  • Plattform size 720 x 480 mm
  • Protection class IP65
  • 12˝ touchscreen PC-System / operating system Windows
  • Swivel-mounted touchscreen
  • Network connectivity by WLAN
  • Dimensions*) L: 130cm | W: 56cm | H: 120cm (*depending on setup)
  • Selectable platform height between 27,2 cm und 50 cm
  • One integrated battery: weight 72 kg , operating time 18 hrs.
  • Two integrated batteries: weight 78,5 kg, operating time 36 hrs.
  • Charging time: 12 A: 2 hrs. | 4 A: 5 hrs.

For weighing and the management of the batteries, electronic equipment with a 3.5" display was implemented. This enables further functions:
  • Operation without Touch PC for
    - Manual weighing
    - Connection of external systems via TCP/IP
  • Display battery charge level, remaining run time, number of chargings,serial number
  • Warning signal for low charge state
  • Auto shutdown of the touch-system, when the battery level is lowd

  • Second integrated battery
  • Touch-PC with ESAcom
  • Barcode-Scanner and holder for scanner
  • Different operatig levels for platform and touch PC
  • Label printer
  • Safety-bar for touch-system
  • Shovelholder




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