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ESA is an internationally sought-after project partner in the process engineering industry, with a focus on the mixing and metering of bulk materials.

Numerous reference customers place their trust in ESA's expertise and solutions developed in accordance with their requirements. These customers come mainly from the food, seasoning, animal feed, construction materials, chemical and plastics industries.



ESAweight is a modularly structured process control system, which is configured precisely to meet the needs of production facilities in the bulk materials industry, controlling production and the entire flow of goods.

The core element of the system is ESAweight Manager. Based on MS SQL databases, we manage and maintain all the data for raw materials and finished products, recipes, orders, batches, inventories and operating data.

Control, monitoring, documentation
beginning with goods acceptance and extending through metering and mixing to packaging and shipment.



This is why!

30 years experience

We have been supplying automation solutions in the field of bulk materials for 30 years.

You too can benefit from our expertise.


Whether it be in commissioning with short shutdown periods or in the implementation of new ideas, we are always very flexible.

Because we have the right size of company and we are constantly evolving.

Our passion

We love challenging projects and we are passionate, highly motivated and dedicated in their implementation.

Our success is our motivation.


We seek to establish long-term partnerships and always ensure that our customers are satisfied.

You can count on our integrity and professionalism.

Best support 24/7

As the proprietor or person responsible for processes, you must ensure that the business is run efficiently and legitimately.

The right support is key to success.


Pleasure and fulfilment in our everyday work. We enjoy exciting projects and ensure that fun & good spirits are never neglected...

.... something else we do very well!